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Faye’s fiance “embarrassed” by Steps (The Sun)

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Obviously The Sun was going to continue its interview today, and here it is:

Rock lover … Faye with Jasper

I’m a total embarrassment to my rock lover

STEPS are the biggest pop phenomenon since Abba, selling 12million records worldwide.

Here on Day Two of our series we talk to Lisa, Faye and H.


FAYE TOZER is a hugely successful member of one of Britain’s top pop bands – but she is still an embarrassment for her Danish fiancé Jasper Irn.

For while SHE has found fame at the lightweight end of the music industry, HE makes a living as drummer with heavy rock outfit One.

She says: “He is really rock and roll so his profile goes down when we step out.

“He is massive in Denmark and his band is heavy rock stuff.

“Whenever I go to his gigs I can see people staring and pointing at me, thinking, ‘What is she doing here?’

“It can’t be easy for him going out with me. It’s embarrassing but I love playing the rock chick when I am with him.

Finger-clickin’ good … Faye at last year’s Disney Awards
“We are always out partying until the early hours.

“If you look closely at me on telly on Saturday morning kids’ shows it is quite easy to tell that I have only had two hours’ sleep.”

Faye, 26, met Jasper in a pub and is set to marry him next August after dating him for almost six years.

She reveals she only ever expected Steps to release one song — and she even had reservations about that.

The Northampton-born beauty says: “I was working at the Hilton Hotel in cabaret and started doing a lot of auditions.

“The day of the Steps audition I was feeling really poorly. Jasper kicked me out of bed and drove me to the station.

“It was just another audition and I think I got in because I was so laid back about it.

“When I got down to the last few people I started thinking, ‘Do I really want this?’ I mean, it was line dancing!

“Then I thought, ‘Why not, it’s only for a single deal, then it will be forgotten.’ Four years later … ”

Faye adds: “Even though I like Steps as a job I am not into pop music. I don’t go out and buy it.

“And Steps is good bubblegum pop but it’s nothing more than that — it’s not musical genius.”

Tiny steps … Fay at one
Faye is often said to be “the one most likely to leave Steps” and has already written a wealth of material for a future solo career.

She will not rule out breaking up the band and admits she looks forward to the day when the group can finally drop its smiley-happy image.

She says: “It’s difficult to smile constantly — our grins are permanently fixed.

“I love to be moody sometimes — just to sit there and be moody all day.

“As soon as my door is shut then I am just myself. I am very different to the person people think I am — and one day people might just find that out.”

Lisa Scott Lee

Star spangled … Lisa glitters at last year’s Party In The Park

MOST 25-year-olds would rather run off a cliff than wear a brace on their teeth – let alone a full metal train-track.

But Lisa Scott Lee says she LOVED her brace and wouldn’t be bothered if she had to wear it again.

The star decided drastic action was needed after she grew increasingly paranoid about a dodgy front tooth.

So she made an appointment with a dentist and the next day she was fitted with her permanent metal brace – which she was stuck with for a year.

Showing off her new beautiful smile Lisa, now 26, said: “The brace was really good for me and I would gladly do it again tomorrow.

“I had one tooth that was wonky.

“That tooth was bugging me and I was very conscious of it.

“I covered my mouth when I was talking and laughing. I hated the fact that it was overlapping. I would watch our videos and be horrified.

“Our smile is our work and whether people want to call me vain or whatever I wanted it done.

“One day it just hit me. I went to see a consultant and the next day he fitted me with a brace.

“That same day I rang my manager and announced, ‘I’ve something to tell you.’

“He must have thought I was pregnant or something but then I told him I had a brace and I was going to have it for the next year. The band were great about it and even H stopped calling me Metal Mickey after a while!

“When we went to America bouncers would not let me into a club because they thought I looked too young – which I loved.

“The best thing is that I encouraged a lot of young people with braces. I got loads of letters.”

Lisa, from St Asaph, Denbighshire, North Wales, who started her showbiz life in a cabaret act , admits she joined Steps “for fame and fortune.”

She says she likes only some Steps songs but she believes the band has an important role in British pop music and hates it that they are not taken seriously.

They have been criticised by several rock musicians and are practically banned by most radio station playlists.

She said: “I think we are all actors in the same play.

“Music is the play. We have got jungle, R&B, rock, different things.

Pop is popular music – it will always be around and it is mainstream so people should just accept it.”

And using language not familiar with most Steps fans she added: “It p—– me off that none of the mainstream radio stations will play us.

“We are a bloody succesful British band but they would rather play American music because it is cool.

“The fact that we are so succesful without radio play shows just how popular we are.”

A solo star in
the romance charts

H bomb … singer Ian in action

AS all good Steps fans know, Ian Watkins’s stage name H stands for hyperactive — a reflection of his energy-packed personality.

But when I ask him the question that has been going round the music industry for years, he is unusually quiet.

While all three girls in the band have boyfriends and Lee has had a string of flings, H has never been reported as dating anyone. Why?

Shifting uneasily H says: “I know there is a lot of speculation about my sexuality but people can think what they want. It is my business.”

A former Butlins redcoat from Rhondda, South Wales, H sees Steps as an extension of his holiday camp days.

He says: “We are like all-singing, all-dancing Butlins entertainers.

But now it is in front of a lot more people. I love it and I think most of our music is great.”

Even so, he has been the first group member to make firm plans for a new job, securing the lead role in planned new West End musical Godspell.

However last week he was forced to turn the job down. He says: “I thought there would be a gap in our schedule which would allow me to do it.

“I’d dreamed of appearing in the West End and was really upset to have to turn it down.

“I won’t be the first to leave Steps but I am hoping to line up something else next year. We all know this band won’t last forever and I really want to fulfil my dream.”

Here are two stories from Ananova:

Faye from Steps says her fiance is embarrassed to go out with her. Jasper Irn is the drummer with Danish heavy rock band One. Faye says his image suffers when he is seen with her. “He is really rock and roll so his profile goes down when we step out.” Faye told The Sun. “He is massive in Denmark and his band is heavy rock stuff. “Whenever I go to his gigs I can see people staring and pointing at me, thinking ‘What is she doing here?’ “It can’t be easy for him going out with me. It’s embarrassing but I love playing the rock chick when I am with him. ”

Steps have added two new dates to their Gold tour. They will now play a matinee at Sheffield Arena on November 25 as well as an evening show. The band will also play an extra date at Glasgow SECC on October 30. Tickets for the tour are on sale through Ananova’s ecommerce partner Way Ahead . Both new shows will go on sale tomorrow.

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