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Faye’s depression, Webchat

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Channel 4 Text is reporting that Faye was hit by a bout of depression. But not to fear her fianc� Jasper helped her in getting out of it! So that is good news then!Here’s more on that story from WorldPop: Steps’ Faye Tozer has admitted that her fianc� Jasper Irn saved her from depression. Speaking in this week’s Hello! magazine Faye said: ‘There was a time a couple of years ago when I was very depressed and very scared. I lost my confidence and became very insecure.’ Faye credits Jasper with helping her cope with the pressures of fame. Danish-born Jasper was once a member of Danish pop group, Monkey. The couple live together in London and were engaged earlier this year. They have been going out for several years. In the interview Faye talks at length about her love for Jasper and how she fell in love with the fact that he doesn’t get jealous of all the male attention she receives. More of the interview appears in this week’s edition of Hello! magazine. There is a Webchat with Steps at 7pm ET (12am GMT) on 2nd August with Nick. You can submit your questions now at Just a quite note, I’ve now heard the new NSYNC album – as might have some of you – lets just say if Steps & NSYNC came out on the same day in the UK (and that NSYNC where actually some sort of force in UK Chart) I think Steps would win easily. Despite NME going way over the top again and that they are changing their sound – their best songs are all those from Sweden.

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