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Faye on Never Mind The Buzzcocks

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Faye Tozer on Buzzcocks

On Friday 19 February, Faye appeared on ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ a comical quiz show about popular music past and present. While she gave us a fantastic taster of her wonderful singing voice, things soon turned from good to bad. When asked to state the next line to a song, she had no idea what it was. But she should have done as it was none other than Steps’ most popular song Tragedy! Oh well, never mind Faye. Although it may not help to keep the critics at bay, we still love you! And remember that it is the fans that matter. She has one of the best singing voices I have ever heard.

At the same time the lads Lee and H were presenting a show on MTV. At the moment it appears that Steps are every where, which is great as I could watch them 24 hours a day! Steps were non-movers in this week’s UK top 75 chart. Heartbeat / Tragedy has now spent 15 weeks in the UK top 10. Heartbeat / Tragedy has also gone down as one of the biggest-selling singles of 1999. It’s now at #3. The Offspring and Britney Spears’ huge hit “…Baby One More Time” have moved above it. Steps are set to appear on The OZone this Tuesday (BBC2 Two) and the Pepsi Chart Show (Channel 5) on Thursday.

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