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Faye gets her nipples pierced?!

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Early sales show that the UK’s top three singles are yet to change from last week’s positions, so it seems that Steps aren’t going to get the first number one of the year 2000 (like they did last year with the first number one of 1999).

Thanks to Char for sending this in:


OUCH! Steps singer Faye Tozer has had both her nipples pierced, I can reveal. Pals say the squeaky-clean star had been meaning to do the deed for a longtime but had never found the time. The blonde beauty finally went ahead with it on Saturday afternoon. One of Faye’s close friends tells me: “She promised herself that she would get them done after their recent tour. “She just woke up in the morning and thought, ‘This is it!’ She was a bit worried as everyone said it would hurt and she’s still a bit sore but says it was worth the pain. “But I don’t think she’ll be showing them off very often – just in private.” Faye’s extra jewellery is a surprise Christmas present for boyfriend Jasper. She wanted to shock him with her raunchy new image. The sexy singer has been dating drummer Jasper from Dutch band Monkey for more than three years but has kept him hidden from Steps fans. Other stars who have had their nipples pierced include Janet Jackson, Gail Porter and comic Billy Connolly. Unfortunately there is no picture of Faye’s new piercing to go with this story, which is a Tragedy.

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