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EXCLUSIVE US Album Tracklisting, DVD Release

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Firstly the GenSTEPS EXCLUSIVE! We don’t bring many of these but when we do we think it’s well worth the wait. You may have noticed that the Official Site is talking about the US Album, well here at GenSTEPS we go on step further and bring you the Official tracklisting for the album as it currently stands, still due the same day as NSYNC – July 24th – the US Buzz has 11 tracks, the tracklisting being:1 Buzzz 2 It’s The Way You Make Me Feel 3 Happy Go Lucky 4 Mars & Venus (We Fall In Love Again) 5 Stomp 6 Here And Now 7 Summer Of Love 8 Never Get Over You 9 Wouldn’t Hurt So Bad 10 Learn To Love Again 11 Hand On Your Heart We have been told that Mars & Venus (We Fall In Love Again) is a song in the same sort of way as Wouldn’t Hurt So Bad, but with a better chorus. Wouldn’t Hurt So Bad is is good song anyway so this would be a even better one! Also not all is what it seems! It’s The Way You Make Me Feel has been remixed with more drum sound effects – its not a major change by all accounts – but it does sound different! Mars & Venus (We Fall In Love Again) is penned by Andrew Goldmark who wrote songs Happy Go Lucky, Buzzz & Wouldn’t Hurt So Bad. Also good news for us techno people who have DVD Players, the Official Site is reporting that a DVD is in the works and will probably be out the same time as the new Greatest Hits album. It will also be on VHS for those of you who think DVDs are a waste of money or don’t like them!

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