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Editorial & Popstars Rejects

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Yet another month passes us by. Last month saw us move server which we now believe took a week for everyone to realise our switch. Everyone should now be pointing to the new site. This month, towards the end, we could possibly see the arrival of one of the new videos for the next single. I think it could be released at sometime during the 2 week school Easter Period which would probably increase sales as everyone will not be at school and can therefore buy it before the weekend. Remember you can vote for GenSTEPS at the Dotmusic Poll, check out all the nominations, which includes us, and then vote at Yesterday evening ITV showed a program about the people who where rejected during the Popstars series which produced the group Hear’Say. If you where watching you would have scene the 5 finallists which where rejected visit a variety of record labels, London, Universial and finally they met with Pete Waterman and the team at PWL. If they are eventually end up with Pete at PWL we could see them sounding very much like STEPS.

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