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December editorial

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Wow, it’s December 2000 already. I remember this time last year when we were all deciding what we would be doing to celebrate the new millennium! It now means that I’ve been updating Steps websites for more than 26 months, and they have gone very quick indeed. I should really get out more often! GenSTEPS still continues to go well, we’ve been going for 16 months now which is also pretty amazing. Thanks for your support over that long time and long may it continue! GenSTEPS version four is still being worked on, we hope to get the site mostly done during the Christmas period, ready to be uploaded in early January 2001.

I read on Ceefax that Ssteps had nominated Westlife as the worst act on the Smash Hits voting form! Go Steps! The Motown Mania programme is due on ITV on Saturday 16 December. It’s The Way You Make Me Feel has debuted at number three on Box Tops on the Box music channel. And on 6 December on BBC One there is a Steps edition of Ready Steady Cook when Claire and Lee battle it out in the Kitchen! It will be screened at 7.30pm.

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