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Dancing Queen – our first listen

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We’ve had our first listen to the Steps cover of ABBA hit Dancing Queen! Steps were well-known for their dancefloor-stomping covers like Tragedy and Chain Reaction, and Dancing Queen stands up with the best of them!

A promising electronic opening. Faye chirps in with a confident opening. It’s going well so far. Then over to Claire. Her voice has matured since we last heard her on CD, but she still sounds good and we feel all nostalgic knowing this is Claire 2011 singing at us.

Lee gets possibly his longest vocal in Steps history with the “rock music” line… and we’re on to the chorus, where it lacks pace, but we power on – could have done with louder Lisa ad-libs… but then, any song is better with more Lisa ad-libs.

Then it’s onto verse two, and in age old tradition, Lisa hauls it back into brilliance with a spine-tingling vocal. This excites us. It reminds us of the Steps concerts where Lisa would open the second verse and get a rapturous applause.

Claire gets the middle-8, and then Lisa and Claire share the ad-libs over the outro (and personally, we think Lisa rocks it!).

It almost sounds like an A-Teens track, and in a way it’s very current. It’s a lot of fun and the vocals are great.

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