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Claire’s new man? Comic Relief

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Thanks to Janine Clarke for sending in this article from the Daily Star: CLAIRE GETS A ‘BUZZ’ WITH HER NEW MAN! STEPS beauty CLAIRE RICHARDS has reportedly split with her dancer boyfriend Mark Webb, but she’s not shedding too many tears over it, because she has a new man! CLAIRE is rumoured to be dating STEPS writer/producer Andy Goldmark. Andy worked on STEPS latest album BUZZ and helped co-write the tracks HAPPY GO LUCKY, WOULDN’T HURT SO BAD and BUZZZ. CLAIRE has had a turbulent love life in 1999 it was revealed by The Sun newspaper that she had embarked on an affair with Reece Hill, a member of the STEPS PR team. Hill’s fianc´┐Ż and mother of his child went on to reveal that CLAIRE had stolen Hill from her whilst she was pregnant with their first child. CLAIRE split with Hill in late 1999 and began dating Webb who toured as a dancer with STEPS. CLAIRE attempted to keep her love for Webb a secret, but it was a well known affair and eventually the strain of her job began to show in their relationship. Meanwhile the rest of STEPS look like thery’re settling down… FAYE TOZER has revealed that she is set to marry her Dutch lover Jasper Irn, LISA SCOTT-LEE is “blissfully happy” with her live-in lover Johnny Shentall, IAN WATKINS is back with lover Sarah Connolley and LEE LATCHFORD EVANS rumoured to be dating Vicky Dawdell. We’re not saying that is is true or not, we’re just reporting it as it was printed in a UK Tabolid newspaper! I know that many of you where wondering if STEPS would be in for this years Comic Relief charity single. It has been announced that Westlife (do they have to get everything?!?) have been chosen to do this years song – yet another cover from them – of Uptown Girl, it seems since they lost out on number one recently they are going for the charity number which is bound to hit the top spot as the money does go to charity!

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