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Charts, Snoggable Stars, Loaded Magazine & STEPS to Split?

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In this weeks UK Charts, It’s The Way You Make Me Feel falls down 13 places to number 56 on the singles chart. On the albums chart, Buzz falls a huge 19 places down to 48 after its 18th week on the album chart. On the video chart the Live Wembley Video falls to number 8. For full chart information then see our chart pages. According to the magazine Star the WORLDS 100 MOST SNOGGABLE GIRLS included members of STEPS! All 3 steps girls got into the 100.Faye at 84,Claire at 57 and Lisa at 51.Britney Spears was the no.1! The steps girls did get higher than Anna Kournikova, Rebecca Romijn-stamos, Nat Appleton, and Jo Guest so its not too bad of a result. In the male poll Lee or H didnt get into the 100. Eminem was the no.1 most snoggable man! This was a survey by 15 to 22 year olds on the street. Thanks to “buzzsteps” for that information! ALFIE singer LEE GORTON has declared that the band would “love to collaborate” with STEPS member FAYE TOZER, after her announcement on NME.COM last week that she wants to “go indie”. Lee told NME.COM: “We were sat next to her at the NME Brat Awards and we were all pleasantly surprised by how lovely she was. We were also very shocked she even knew who we were, but her boyfriend had seen our video on M2 and she said she thought we were ‘really good but a bit weird’. She was gutted she was in Steps and told me how the deal they’d signed gave her no creative outlet what so ever. It was really quite shocking.” Lee continued that Faye seemed “extremely genuine” and that during their conversation he had propositioned her to do a duet. However, Faye replied that she’d “ruin your career and credibility in one fell swoop.” But Lee responded: “I’m not arsed about being cool, working together would be a laugh. The offer’s still open… Whenever Faye gets a gap in her schedule she’s welcome to come down to Manchester and write a tune with us.” (Source: NME) Thanks to [email protected] for this information. Lisa appears in this months Loaded magazine where he talks about her “wilder” side. There are also many photos, see one below: STEPS Set To Split (Well according to the News Of The World!) Thanks to [email protected] for this: CHART-BUSTERS Steps will split by the end of the year, I can exclusively reveal. But it�s not all tragedy � because H, Lee, Claire, Faye and Lisa are planning a huge Farewell Tour as a big thank you to their loyal fans. A source close to the band told me: �They�re going to release two more singles this year and that will be it. �They won�t be recording another album and will have a greatest hits album out by October. They�ll be performing around 21 songs on the Farewell Tour before Christmas. �The band can�t believe how long they�ve been together. It�s a real surprise because we thought they�d split last year. Faye was threatening to quit at the time but she was talked around to stay. �The band have been a huge success. They�ve outsold and outstripped most of the other bands. They�ve been phenomenal. People just love them. �They just can�t believe the reaction they�ve had from their fans. They have stayed together for their sake rather than for themselves.� Dispute the news will come as a huge shock to Steps� millions of followers as there has only ever been one major dispute between the band � when it leaked out that H and Lee were getting paid more than the girls. The popular group have recently been trying to shed their teeny-bop image with the girls posing for lads magazines such as Maxim, and H posing for gay magazine Attitude. They recently finished a record-breaking arena tour which saw them performing at 34 venues, the biggest indoor arena tour there�s ever been in Britain. And their last two singles topped the charts. Steps were formed in response to an advert in The Stage magazine. They were only supposed to release one song, 5-6-7-8. But the track, which was released in 1997, became such a huge hit that Pete Waterman�the man who brought us Rick Astley, Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue � decided to take them on full time. Steps bow out as millionaires after selling more than two million albums. They will be best remembered for songs such as One For Sorrow, Last Thing On My Mind and, of course, Tragedy. See ya! Is this true GenSTEPS asks? As we had all this last year as well then probably not, especially as it comes from the News Of The World. It seems like the press have once again manipulated the words again. I think its pretty common knowledge that STEPS are only set for 3 UK Single Releases this year and that a Greatest Hits album is due this year and a UK tour is set for this Winter. Expect Jive or their management team to respond sometime this week, if there isn’t a response then that’s when you have to worry slightly.

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