Steps in 2022

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Channel 4 have done an article on Is Pop dead? Its a long article so I won’t be typing it up here but at last look is was on page 145. During their discussion I think they hit the point, pop music isn’t doing too well at this moment as the market is over populated. There are many acts out there which are only there due to previous successes like Spice Girls, All Saints, of course STEPS and S Club 7. They go on to say that only a huge 3rd album from Britney or a good album from *NSYNC which will break them into the UK market will save pop music in the UK. Can’t agree with that comment as if *NSYNC do break the market isn’t that just saturating the market even more? Buzz is still inside the UK Top 20 and is probably closing in on the 3x Platinum mark, pop music dead? I don’t think so …. other genres become more popular? Quite possibly. In other non-STEPS news(ish) (catch my drift?) The new Backstreet Boys World Tour kicked off in Florida, US recently and reading the reviews of the tour I came across this description of the performance during one of the songs. (If you are planning to go to the tour at some stage over the next 10 or so months across the world then you probably don’t want to read this :o). During the song All I Have To Give, by all accounts, they dress up in the “Western” type costumes and perform a dance in that style. – It seems all they need now is for STEPS to join them with 5,6,7,8 playing out in the background!

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