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Chain Reaction single Covers

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Again thanks to Derek for sending the tracklistings to the singles yesterday, again another thanks today for sending over the covers, they are: CD1 CD2 Obviously the retail singles won’t have the release date or the As Advertised stickers on the front! Now rumours are going around that the Steps song, Words Are Not Enough, is set to be the main song from the forthcoming Harry Potter movie. Now perhaps it was just a simple misunderstanding or , and hopefully, it wasn’t. The only thing I have is that the movie is released in the UK on November 15th or something, It would mean that Steps would have 2 singles around in a couple of months time – the timing just seems a little compact. Also did you go to the Prom In The Park at Hyde Park? If so then please e-mail me with your reviews, if we get enough then I’ll post them on the site. Also you could clear this up as this rumour with Harry Potter etc. came from yesterday. Also perhaps Jive UK should try and get Steps on this global single to aid the people effected by the recent attacks in the US. Other Jive acts BSB, *NSYNC & Britney are involved, the single is estimated to make around $35 million worldwide (if sales predictions are met of course) so that would be another great project to be on.CD1CD2

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