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Buzz in Thailand has an extra track!

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Thanks to Andre and his eagle eyes we have spotted that the Thailand release of Buzz includes a whopping 16 tracks. The tracklisting is:

1. Stomp
2. It’s the Way You Make Me Feel
3. Buzzz
4. Here & Now
5. Happy Go Lucky
6. Summer of Love
7. Better the Devil You Know
8. You’ll Be Sorry
9. Learn to Love Again
10. Never Get Over You
11. Hand On Your Heart
12. Paradise Lost
13. Turn Around
14. If You Believe
15. Wouldn’t Hurt So Bad
16. Human Touch

I’ve never heard of the last track. Perhaps it’s the b-side on the forthcoming single? Anyway if you have this track then please send it into me – if it is another track which is already out and just re-named then e-mail me also.

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