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Remember to continue to vote for STEPS at – we have until February 11th to make sure that STEPS win the Best Pop Act award! Spread the word, the more votes the better! STEPS are on the second page of the voting form. Here’s an interesting article from NME: Rumours of a STEPS greatest hits album have been downplayed this morning (January 17), but it looks likely that the band will be spending most of 2001 out of the UK building on their successes abroad. A spokesperson for the band told NME.COM this morning that a greatest hits is “A possibility. It’s difficult to say because there aren’t any definite plans beyond May, but I think a lot of people are thinking along the lines of ‘There are 15 tracks, so we could do one’. There might be another album this year, you never know.” He added that apart from a new series of ‘Steps To The Stars’ starting on BBC1 in February, the band would be spending a lot of time in the USA. The spokesperson added: “They haven’t spent that long their in the past, but it’s difficult because if you spend too long promoting over there everyone in the UK forgets who you are. It’s B*Witched syndrome.” Earlier this month the band’s manager Tim Byrne told NME.COM that the use of Swedish hit factory Cheiron on current single ‘It’s The Way You Make Me Feel’, and the Ace Of Base-esque feel of ‘Buzz’ album tracks like ‘Happy Go Lucky’, were part of a deliberate plan to build on the Stateside success already achieved by the band. Steps will also be spending time in Europe and Asia, leaving little time to record a fourth album. If the greatest hits does go ahead, 2001 will break the band’s run of an album per year. Though Claire Richards has suggested that a Steps greatest hits album would contain new bonus tracks, the impressive tracklisting to date stands as follows: (GenSTEPS note: They Just listed all the singles to date) Thanks to Pieter from Belgium who has pointed out that It’s The Way You Make Me Feel is due for release there on January 29th 2001! Also if you are in the voting mood, and you should be with the BRITS voting then help out our Belgium visitors by e-mailing to [email protected] and vote for STEPS and get the to number on on the TMF Video Chart! It seems that STEPS’ live TOTP performance has struck a nerve with more people that we originally thought. On BBC Ceefax Chatterbox pages (p592) which is about people’s views on TV someone has written in and said: “Did Steps sing live on TOTP last Friday? If so, they were excellent, and I take back all I said! If not they mimed superbly” This was sent in by an Andy in Northampton. If you want to reply to his comments you can! Just e-mail Chatterbox [email protected] on and leave your name, nearest town and a contact telephone number. (No idea why the telephone number just something that the BBC ask!) So if you have that urge to reply to his comments then go and do so!

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