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Belgium Charts, MTV Top 100 Misc News

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Thanks to Pieter for telling us that Stomp has now moved up to number 25 (up 14) on the Belgium charts! That is a great move up the charts and good news for STEPS!
MTV are having a Top 100 Pop songs weekend shortly and asking people to vote for their favourite pop songs on their website so pop down to ‘U-VOTE’ FOR THE TOP 100. You can vote for Tragedy on the 3rd page of voting and Say You’ll Be Mine on page 8.

Talking of voting you have until Midnight tonight to help a GenSTEPS visitor. Pop down to and vote for Lori/Kim/Laura!

Off topic here, but Britney Spears has announced another tour due to start in May in the US and going right through to August when she’ll be popping out to Europe from the end of August to the beginning of November, for those interested there are provisionally 2 dates in London (1 at Wembley, 1 at Docklands, one in Glasgow and one in Manchester due the 8th-13th September (dates yet to be officially confirmed). As STEPS had such a good time supporting Britney last time around perhaps they would like to do it again this year? (In the US of course!) Just a thought ….

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