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Australian Chart & Lost E

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Thanks to Kai for this news. Here & Now / You’ll Be Sorry has entered the Australian charts at number 71 this week. Lets hope it rises a bit over the next few weeks!!Also over the past two days I’ve had to format my computer and reinstall everything. Due to this I have lost all my e-mails and contacts in my e-mail program. So if you did e-mail me saying that you want to help, and still do, please e-mail me back. Also if you think you want to help then you can also still e-mail me as I lost all the e-mails! I have remembered all my important contacts but if you want me to have your e-mail address for whatever reason then please also e-mail me and I will save it in my contacts. The competition for the US Buzz album will be here very shortly so get your thinking caps on and get ready for the question! Also as you know the Nick concert is showing tomorrow in the US! Now I had a few people who e-mailed me saying that they where willing to encode it for me and upload it to my personal server. I’ve had to format my computer recently as I lost you’re e-mail addresses so please can you e-mail me again! Also if you also would like to do this please contact me also! Especially if you can encoded in MPEG/MPEG-2 or DIVX :o)

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