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An unofficial Steps video is out

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A brand new Steps VHS video has been released. It is available from all good video stockists. It is completely un-official and charts their success story so far. It doesn’t have any of the fantastic music videos on so it can’t possibly be as good as the existing official video, but may be worth a look.

What is the best way to advertise a new single? Well in Steps’ case it is to do every single thing imaginable! How they cope with their hectic lifestyles I will never know, and this is only from a UK view point. To think that all those TV appearances, concerts, radio shows, photoshoots and interviews that you see in the UK are repeated in countries around the world is shocking. Perhaps now we can understand just why Steps don’t have time to reply to their fan mail!

Anyway to the point. If you go down to your local newsagent you will find two things: Posh and Becks… and Steps! They are on this fortnight’s Smash Hits cover too. If you want to get a good chart position you have to get in with the fans and as TOTP is the biggest-selling music magazine. It includes a huge two-page interview with the group and a gorgeous poster of them on a beach. There’s also a backstage report from the new video with a cute picture of Faye and a puppy. H also has his say on A1. You can also catch the lyrics for the new single with a mini interview next to it. With Smash Hits you also get a fantastic pop CD free. But they only gave Steps 4/5… just what is going on with these mags!?

This mag has the two Steps lads on the front. Inside it has a long two-page interview with Lee, which is interesting. There are also loads of pics including a double-paged poster from the video shoot, and all of Steps in the back seat of that now famous car giving their teeth a good showing. The £1.50 asking price is worth it just for this poster.

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