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Adam Rickitt to support Steps on tour

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Adam Rickitt will be supporting Steps on 31 October for the Sky Box Office concert. This is an added bonus for those of you paying £10 to watch the show. Not only is it a Halloween themed show, allowing plenty of chances for H to mess around and generally dress up in funny costumes, but you will also be watching some cool support acts.

Adam Rickitt’s debut single I Breathe Again entered the charts at number six while his latest offering All My Heart Desires entered at number 15 last Sunday. As yet, there is no official Adam Rickitt website.

Out today is TV Hits magazine, which comes with a free inflatable member of Steps! If that isn’t reason enough to go out and buy one with your fave on then how about a load of Steps articles with an interview and some cool pictures. And if you’re a complete Stepaholic why not buy five magazines to get each member? It costs £1.70.

Also out today is My Guy Monthly with a cover shot of the two lads and an interview with them as well as some great pictures. Out now for just £1.20. And (yup there’s more – the new single is out, what did you expect?!) obviously jealous of H and Lee’s spread on the front of My Guy Monthly the three girls have gone and got their own cover on Big! magazine. There is an interview and some great pictures inside. All for just £1.20.

Don’t miss out on Steps signing copies of Steptacular, the hugely anticipated new album at a number of record stores around the country while on their arena tour. The dates we’ve got so far are for Virgin Megastores in Bristol on 27 October and in Cardiff on 28 October. Thanks to Noubar for this info. If there are any more dates we will let you all know. We are already picturing scenes like the Ricky Martin signing in London two months ago, when 3,000 fans turned up to see him, halting traffic down Oxford street!

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