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A year in review

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It’s five years since STEPS split, and here we present our (now traditional!) ‘year in review’!

Although 2006 has been a hive of activity for our favourite five, we’ve got very little to show for it. It’s the first time in nine years that we haven’t had a Steps-related release – unless you count Faye‘s appearance in the “Allstar Workout” DVD.

The year started with rumours of a reunion – a trend which continued for most of the year. Television appearances were plentiful, but dangerous territory. Lisa faced a grilling on ‘The Weakest Link’, whilst Lee luckily escaped public humiliation when he left ‘Totally Boyband’ in October.

Reality TV shows seemed desperate to have STEPS in their lineup. Lee for ‘Love Island’? Denied. Claire for ‘Totally Girlband’? Unlikely. H for ‘Celebrity Big Brother’? Unconfirmed. Lisa for ‘Dancing On Ice’? Probable.

Faye, on the other hand, continued a successful run of stage musicals, and this year ventured onto the big screen, filming her first movie appearance, ‘Lady Godiva: Back In The Saddle’.

Lisa was as busy as usual this year. After ditching her manager Nathan Moore, she finished recording her debut album, and has made plans with Concept to release it in 2007. Now there are rumours that Lisa has landed herself a TV presenting job, for a dodgy Sky channel; we hope that one proves to be untrue.

Generation STEPS has grown again this year, just as we have year on year since 1998. Now, changes are afoot behind the scenes to bring you an exciting new site early next year.

And what else do we have to look forward to in 2007?

Lee has promised he will be releasing songs with his band, The Latch, and plans to fund them himself.

H could be entering into the Big Brother house.

Faye‘s film “Lady Godiva: Back In The Saddle” will be released.

And Lisa and Claire have both announced they will be releasing next year; Lisa’s album is due in February, while Claire will be having a baby in April.

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