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New Virus – 27th November 2001

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Warning to everyone a new virus is about. It’s code name is [email protected] If you have a virus checker make sure your virus definations are up to date. If you are worried find out more here ..[email protected]
There was an e-mail from Worldpop about 3SL if you didn’t get it the e-mail linked to this page:

This is the advert for the forthcoming PPV Show in the Telewest Cable Guide (Analogue). I’ve had a lot of questions about ordering the show. For Sky Digital I have no idea, I guess you order it on the day (or before) via the remote control. Telewest Active Digital subscribers can order the event have to press the TV On Demand button on their remote on the day of the event, go to the Special Events page and follow the on screen instructions. Telewest Analogue customers keep an eye on Channel 59 near the time of the event for ordering details. NTL Digital Cable I have no idea sorry :o)

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