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Stomp All Night - The Remix Anthology

Country of release: United Kingdom
Release date: 20 May 2016
Label: Edsel

CD 1

  1.  Stomp (W.I.P. Mix) 
  2.  Last Thing On My Mind (W.I.P't Up In The Disco Mix) 
  3.  One For Sorrow (W.I.P. Remix) 
  4.  Tragedy (W.I.P. Reception Mix) 
  5.  Better Best Forgotten (W.I.P. '99 Cream Of Manchester Mix) 
  6.  Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart (W.I.P. Off The Wall Mix) 
  7.  After The Love Has Gone (W.I.P. Mix) 
  8.  Summer Of Love (W.I.P. Remix) 
  9.  Deeper Shade Of Blue (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix) 
  10.  It's The Way You Make Me Feel (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix) 
  11.  Here And Now (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix) 
  12.  Chain Reaction (Xenomania Club Mix) 

CD 2

  1.  Say You’ll Be Mine (Matt Pop's Old Skool Mix) 
  2.  Better The Devil You Know (2T's 2 Go Mix) 
  3.  You'll Be Sorry (W.I.P. Bach To Classics Mix) 
  4.  5, 6, 7, 8 (W.I.P. Remix) 
  5.  Too Busy Thinking About My Baby (W.I.P. Mix) 
  6.  Baby Don’t Dance (W.I.P. 12" Pushing It Mix) 
  7.  Deeper Shade Of Blue (W.I.P. Mix) 
  8.  One For Sorrow (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix) 
  9.  Words Are Not Enough (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix) 
  10.  You'll Be Sorry (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix) 
  11.  Chain Reaction (Almighty Mix) 
  12.  I Know Him So Well (Almighty Mix) 

CD 3

  1.  Stomp (Dance Man’s Cosmic Funk Mix) 
  2.  Summer Of Love (Tour Mix) 
  3.  One For Sorrow (Soul Solution Extended Vocal Mix) 
  4.  Chain Reaction (Kool De Sac Remix) 
  5.  5, 6, 7, 8 (Euro Step Mix) 
  6.  Heartbeat (Simon Hill Mix) 
  7.  One For Sorrow (Tony Moran Underground Club) 
  8.  Summer Of Love (D-Bop's Tequila Sunrise Vocal Mix) 
  9.  Chain Reaction (Hit Squad Mix) 
  10.  Deeper Shade Of Blue (Blockster Dirty Blue Klub Mix) 
  11.  One For Sorrow (Pimp Juice's Summer Fung 12") 
  12.  5, 6, 7, 8 (W.I.P. 2002 Remix) 
  13.  Stomp (Stomp'n Remix)