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I’ve just come across some sales figures for this weeks album chart: Robbie is still holding strong at number one nearly 50,000 copies sold this week already! New entries at number 2 for Blue and Number 3 for S Club 7 (35,000 & 27,000 respectivly) Steps are at number 6 at just over 15,000 at 15,655 just 64 copies ahead of Madonna at number 6. Although Steps are only just 5,000 copies behind the newly released Westlife album … !
I have no idea why I’ve had so many queries about the PPV Concert when it isn’t until the 22nd December! Anyway in a follow up to yesterdays how to order bit I’ve done some reseach and found this about how to order on Sky Digital:

Check out channel 770 for previews of our forthcoming events.
You can use you remote control to order from 48 hours before the event – just follow these easy instructions:

Press “Box Office” on your remote control;
Select “Sport & Events”
Highlight the event you want to order, and press SELECT to display the price
Press SELECT again to confirm your order (entering your PIN if prompted)

When it’s time for the event to start, go to channel 770

NTL Users will have to e-mail me as I can’t find any instructions on how to order but it’s probably not that different to the way Telewest customers can order it. ITV Digital customers can not order this event as they don’t carry Sky Box Office.

For those of you who are interested, Channel 4 Text, page 141 have reviewed the new Hear’Say album .. I’m only mentioning this as they don’t really say its any good .. which should again give our Steps a boost showing the UK that they are the leading Pop act in the UK at this moment .

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