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Legal Information

Generation STEPS (v.8) was designed by the Generation Network. The layout, design and code (including, but not limited to, HTML, SHTML, FLV, SWF, PHP and CSS) are protected by copyright.

The design, logos, graphics and content of Generation STEPS written by or for the site are protected under copyright to the Generation Network. They cannot be copied or used in any way. All pictures or images of STEPS (and other artists) are copyrighted to the photographer, all newspaper, magazine articles are copyrighted to the author/newspaper where appropriate.

STEPS media (e.g. audio clips & videos) are owned by Zomba Recording Corporation (now part of the BMG Music Group). The entire site's contents, where it be photographs, articles, media etc. cannot be used on other sites without prior permission of the site owner.

If you want to use something on your site please contact us first to explain what you are using and for what purpose. The video captures in the pictures section are protected by copyright and should not be copied, manipulated, changed or used on any other websites.

The site content is a mixture of exclusive content which we were given over the years, and others resources such as books, magazines, newspapers and other internet websites. Generation STEPS is an unofficial website for the former pop group STEPS. Although we are in contact with Jive Records and STEPS, we do not represent them officially. We cannot pass on your messages directly to STEPS.

Generation STEPS will not be held responsible for the content of extenal sites accessed from our website.

Copyright Infringement

Our fair-use policy.
The Generation STEPS Media Player features short extracts from internet sites and television programmes, where we feel the content is relevant to this site and of interest to our visitors. Material is never available for users to download and can only be accessed through Generation STEPS. We never provide full-length television programmes, full-length songs, full-length video releases or any other content which we believe would harm the business of any other party.

Requesting content removal.
If you are the copyright holder and would like content removed from Generation STEPS, we will gladly oblige with your request. The videos featured on our website are only accessible on Generation STEPS [this website] and are not viewable through the Youtube website. For this reason, please contact us directly with the copyright form. All requests are reviewed and responded promptly.

Website Credits

Generation STEPS is run and maintained by Matt. If you wish to contact the owner of this site ( then please use this form.

The site is kindly hosted by Hosting-Unlimited.


Massive thanks to the following people who have helped with the site since 1998! Huge thanks to Jack, who took the risk to merge our two Steps sites into one to create this site! Thanks to Sherwin for giving us our domain and some space back in 1999 to get us started. Even bigger thanks to my long-term Internet buddies Char, Andre & Mon who without them over the past few years I doubt we would have ever got as far as version 7 of the site. Thanks to Darian for all the wonderful videos that you've been making over the years for the site! Thanks to Nick for version 6 (despite its short life span) as it got the site back onto it's feet once again after a long time in limbo. Finally thanks to Chris for giving the site its current facelift bringing it into 2007! ~ Matt.

Site History

If you want to know the history of Generation STEPS then have a look here.


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