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Faye Tozer

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Full Name: Faye Louise Tozer
Nicknames: Smiley, Curly
Date Of Birth: 14th November 1975
Birth place: Northampton
Star Sign: Scorpio
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Height: 5"7'

Heart Icon  Faye's Favourites

Hobby: Walking, eating, TV, parties, clubbing
Sport: Trampolining
Item of Clothing: Space trousers
Person: Madonna
Food: Pringles
Singer: Janet Jackson
Group: All Saints
Actor: Will Smith

Question Mark Icon  Quick-fire Questions

How do you unwind?
Listening to music and watching videos.
Words most likely to be heard from you?
If you weren't in Steps, what would you be doing?
Art and sculpture, making things behind the scenes, make-up and hair, possibly acting.
What would be your ideal vaction?
Taking all my friends and family to an all day beach party in Hawaii with entertainment provided by the Backstreet Boys.
Which bands would you like to work with the most?
The Backstreet Boys.
What's the highlight of your career so far?
Smash Hits awards, watching rehearsals, meeting the stars and speaking to Celine Dion.
What's the most embarrasing you've done?
Starting to sing "Last Thing on My Mind" with my microphone turned off!
What's important to you?
My family and friends, my work and the other members of Steps.
Describe yourself?
Smiley, determined, professional and excitable.

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